Agnes Kang is one of the three Senior Managers at BridgeOne Insurance. With her educational background in Korean language, she worked as a preschool teacher and the Korean Airlines for her previous careers. Agnes decided to pursue her career in the financial industry after attending an eye awakening financial seminar in 2009.  Through the seminar, she learned that properly managing finances is more important than simply earning money. Coming from Korea, she realized how different the financial system is between Korea and the U.S. and realized the seriousness of Social Security as a retirement plan. Even though she was able to realize this truth only after 16 years living in the U.S., she decided to make better financial decisions now rather than regretting her past. She recognized the lack of retirement planning for most people and decided to enter the financial industry with a mission to help others going through similar challenges.

Agnes believes that everyone in life may go through financially challenging times. It requires wisdom to prepare for such financial hardships in order to prevent worse outcomes. Agnes finds fulfillment in her work and life by knowing that she helps her clients prevent financial challenges by helping them plan ahead for life’s unforeseen event.


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