Sue Kim

Sue Kim is one of the managers at BridgeOne Insurance. She graduated from Hosei University in South Korea with a major in Literature. She has over 14 years experience as a real estate agent. She started working in the financial insurance career in 2013 while she was helping her children apply for FAFSA. Through this process, she learned about the basics of finance and how important financial management is for everyone’s future. Through various forms of insurance, she saw how integral insurance plays a role in the larger picture of financial foundation. She was especially fascinated to learn how real estate and insurance are inseparable and how they work together in financial management.

Sue was also shocked in knowing how long she had worked in real estate without the essential component of insurance. She became motivated to share her knowledge with others. She is passionate about educating others about the importance of insurance for building financial stability because many people either do not know about insurance or is not nearly talked about enough. Her goal through her work is to help others reach financial success for a worry-free and happy retirement. She prides herself in looking holistically at the clients’ financial situation to help them find solutions, including real estate, because everything is connected closely under the umbrella of finances.


Cell: 909.539.3518
Kakao ID: suekim11

0I92345 (Life & Health)
01511403 (Real Estate)