Minye Yoo

Minye Yoo became one of the managers at BridgeOne Insurance Services in July 2018. She graduated from Seoul University with a major in Vocal Music. She previously worked as a praise minister, music instructor, and conductor. Minye started working in the financial industry in 2015 through a friend’s recommendation. As a stay-at-home mom who was not very comfortable with English, she did not have a specific goal when entering this field. She simply thought it would be nice to obtain a license and work as a professional. However, throughout the years, her work in the financial insurance industry became her passion and a roadmap for not only her own but her family’s dream.

Through her hard work, Minye wanted to financially support more missionaries. More importantly, she was able to redefine her commitment to mission work as not only being able to financially support overseas missionary work, but also in serving her coworkers and clients in a manner of integrity and sincerity. Minye lives with a mission to work hard for her family, her clients, and her coworkers. Most importantly, with the fruit of her labor, she wants to support others and share the spirit of serving those who do God’s work in her community.


Cell: 213.407.8425
Email: minye.yoo@bridgeoneins.com
0K36921 (Life & Health)